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Oak Point (Pointe Aux Chenes) PAC Kayak Rentals (and a lot more!)

I find it humouros when folks complain about driving to fish. Here in Cajun Acadiana we have basically one brackish distination close by and that's Vermillion Bay. And heading straight South on 167, it still takes an hour to be on the water sometimes longer depending on traffic. Now those of you who fish VB on a regualr basis know this is true about VB—One day diamonds, the next day stone. That's a fact for near-offshore waters too like Nickel and Diamond reefs and even more so for inshore areas like the Trash Pile, the new reef, Quintana and the point. Plus there's the work involved launching and such. Unless you really know Vermillion Bay, she can frustrate you more than reward you.


I've been driving to alternative destinations now for several years. Big Lake at Spicer's, Choupique Bayou, Dugas Landing and Westcove all the way to Port Sulfur, Empire, Buras and even the "Wagon Wheel". I kayak fish South Louisiana. Lately I've enjoyed fishing mostly at Pointe Aux Chenes launching at PAC Kayak Rentals directly across the bayou from the regular boat launch. I really believe PAC is one of the best kept (not for long) secrets know to a few Kayak fishermen and one of the reasons the popularity of this place is increasing is due to the vision of Eddie and Lisa Mullen.


The Mullens have collectively transformed, with toil and sweat, a basically worthless tiny piece of land into a fine example of a niche business. When once there were two kayak bays, now there are several and growing soon according to Eddie. And with the other services being provided, PAC Kayak Rentals is here to stay. They offer several different kinds of bait including live, frozen and area specific artificials. Soft drinks, snacks and ice are all available. RV sites are available as well for daily, weekly and monthy terms. But it's the niche options that are most impressive and consistantly draw kayak and other anglers to PAC Kayak Rentals.


1) The custom floating kayak launch. I've used all types of launches and this is by far the easiest and best thought out launch of all. With rollers affixed to the front of the stall, rolling the kayak into the water is a snap. In fact you can back your truck or trailer to the edge of the bulkhead where Eddie has affixed a half piece of PVC pipe. Then you simply slide your kayak off the truck or trailer and onto the PVC and then to the roller and into the water. CAKE! Loading is the reverse and Eddie insists on helping! The launch is well anchored in place and lots of flotation has been used. It's designed well and is very solid.


2) The Houseboat is really nice and could not be more convenient. A converted trawler or perhaps a tug, the houseboat is comfy and has all the amenities of home. I stayed in the starboard side room and was most impressed with the Serta mattress (yep I looked after sleeping soundly 'cause that's usually my biggest concern with overnight lodging anywhere). The back deck is large enough to have a party on and the sofa and huge big screen TV are posh accoutrements. The lighting is well thought out too and if you want to night-time fish off the back of the houseboat, the LED array is bright enough to do that or perhaps, be seen from space! I was luckly enough to witness a speckled trout feeding frenzy the night I stayed. It took a while but I eventually became accustomed to the hundreds of "pop, pop, pops" surrounding the boat as the specs fed on shrimp drawn to the lights. And if all that weren't enough, there is a large lookout deck on top of the boat giving a 360 degree perspective of the surround marsh and great sunrises and sunsets too. This vantage point also enables wildlife enthusiasts a fantastic view of all sorts of winged and finned critters. Dolphins, pelicans, terns and gulls were constants.


3) Mother shipping is available. For a reasonable fee, Eddie will take you and several of your kayak buddies out into the marsh far removed from your regular kayak fishing range to experience the pristine marsh. And when you're tired of catching fish or just ready for a sandwich or the hot Bar-B-Que you know is waiting for you freshly cooked on the pit on the back of the houseboat, give Eddie a call. He'll come out and wisk you back in when you're ready. Call it Marsh Kayak Cab service! I have heard tell stories of fish until you're sore catching them.


Getting there is fairly easy and if this kind of "roughing it" is not for you, civilization is not far away. Personally I don't find it necessary to be close to a chain restaurant or town but neither is out of the question if that's your thing. More information is here https://www.facebook.com/packayakrentals/


If you are willing to drive a bit (the folks I came in behind were from Montana) then PAC Kayak Rentals is the go-to place that's new for now. Eddie and Lisa's commitment to our sport is second to none and their service mantra is impressive.


Lastly, a cautious word of advice... If you come in behind a somewhat rowdy bunch and they leave libations behind (especially libations you're not accustomed to) it may be just as well to abstain. Or, if you're so inclinded, treat them (the libations) like a gift as I did. But be absolutely sure you have a Coast Guard Approved life vest close by because unlike the houseboat which is well tethered to the shore, you are not. I didn't go "Oscar-Bravo" but was a bit tippy there for a while (not being accustomed to that hard stuff). Eddie, not holding back thunderous laughter said, "Yep! I saw you out there trying to put on that life vest. I almost went out to help you put it on"! You can't get better service than that!



More than just a fishing destination, PAC Kayak Rentals has many unique services and options for fishermen and wildlife/outdoor enthusiants alike. A true turn-key operation with everything you need for a pleasurable experience.

Helle knife's Hellefisk floating knife

The Hellefisk fishing knife manufactured by Helle (Norway) is, at first glance, a very pretty knife. The lines are subtle, the handle earthy and the finish on the blade is bedazzling. She’s a contemporary hand made beauty. But after all, it’s a knife and it definitely is that to. With a blade length of 4.84 inches and a handle length of 5.12 inches, the Hellefisk is the perfect size knife to have with you fishing—not to big or to small. Yet for an almost ten inch knife it weighs just 2.29 ounces! And due in part to the light weight and also its cork handle, the knife actually floats if dropped overboard (I placed it in a pitcher of water in the sink at home to test this claim). The knife features Sandvik 12C27 steel (it’s often referred to as stainless but will blemish) with a composition of carbon, chromium, silicon and manganese and boasts a hardness range of 54-61 HRC. Sandvik recommends this grade of steel for high end chef’s knives, hunting knives and tactical knives among others and claims “very high hardness, good corrosion resistance and very high wear resistance.” My knife came in a cylindrical tube which reminded me of the containers usually reserved for fine, single-malt scotch. When first handling the knife I was amazed at how truly light weight it was without sacrificing strength. There’s nothing flimsy about this knife. The cork handle is quality and the notch (grip) lends itself to a firm grasp even when wet. The finish on the blade could not be better. You literally can see yourself in the steel. The edge was as I expected, maybe a little worse. Using a loupe spying closely on the blade edge convinced me it needed some TLC and so I pulled out my diamond stones and strop and in no time I was shaving. Nice. It seems to hold an edge better than most knives although I can’t swear to that claim. The Hellefisk also comes with a very nice, all leather handmade sheath that is very functional and attractive although it does not readily attach to belts or anything else for that matter. Using the knife has been a pleasure except when the sheath gets wet as it tends to swell just enough to cause some difficulty getting the knife out easily. And being as my knife is quite sharp, it does cause me some concern. Cleaning fish and general duties while on the water are easily accomplished by the Hellefisk and it has become my go to fishing knife. This is a great fishing and on and around the water knife and is absolutely perfect for kayak fishermen. Retail on this fine tool is around $100 but I’ve seen it online in the $80’s and a little less here and there. Not cheap or cheaply made but remember, it floats. So when your current knife goes Oscar-Bravo into Davie Jones Locker perhaps you’ll get yourself a Hellefisk and be guaranteed not to have that problem again.

"A pretty face and rugged to with a great feel in the hand"

"Floats but try it ONLY at home"

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